Buying i-Movied! 29 Deans Bridge Road Somers Walk Through Video This was fun to make. I did it for fun on my iPhone, and I used iMovie to edit. You can’t ever go wrong with Mozart either, although this style might match better with Rossini. 29 Deans Bridge Road in Somers is now $849,900. Someone is going to get a wonderful house at this price, […]
Commentary What can you buy in Mahopac for $305,000? Prices are up, but lower cost homes are still possible if you don’t need lots of bedrooms, like the home we just closed at 27 Jackson Road, just a few hundred yards from Kirk Lake. “Great opportunity to own a unique charmer with Lake Rights seasonal views of Kirk Lake in a secluded, wooded setting. […]
Company News Some Shameless Self Promotion Most weeks in our training we publish a “sexy stat” about the company. It might be an obscure, cool thing like how our sign appeared in the movie Wakefield with Bryan Cranston carrying it, or some milestone. This past April was a nice accomplishment.  On April 15th, we broke our record for properties put under […]
Company News State of J Philip Real Estate: 2021 Edition Writing the year’s wrap up used to be my New Years eve ritual, but with the scale of the job these days it’s impossible to quantify everything by midnight on 12/31. So let’s dive into my happy summary of a great year for the brand on the first business day of the new year. The […]
Company News State of J Philip Real Estate: 2020 Edition This marks the first time I have not posted this update on New year’s eve, so it feels weird to wrote a piece about 2020 in February 2021. However, I’ve got great reasons. 2020 was by far the most surreal year of most of our lives. When the pandemic restrictions began in March, one had […]
Company News State of J. Philip Real Estate: 2019 Edition Spoiler alert: Best year ever by every metric we employ.  Last year’s summary was wrapped up thusly:  In years past, I’ve made numerical predictions, but this year I’m going to be a bit more coy. I’m looking for good agents who want to grow their practices the right way. My role is evolving from chasing […]
Company News $100 Million Sold- a Happy Milestone I am linking to a short video I posted on LinkedIn recently that acknowledged the firm’s milestone in exceeding $100,000,000 worth of real estate sold in our “home field” MLS for the first time in our history. The MLS scene here is very fragmented, and we belong to several systems (7 to be exact, all […]
Company News J. Philip Welcomes Elizabeth Koski Jessup You learn quite a bit about people when you see how they handle it when life throws them a curveball. For Liz Koski Jessup, who I am delighted to introduce as one of our newest associates, meeting me was one in itself. I’ll explain. A few months ago, one our esteemed associates, Tana McGuire, asked […]
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Company News J. Philip Welcomes Geraldine Bien I always want my firm to be chosen, and that doesn’t just go for consumers. It also goes for licensees who are looking for the right brokerage at which to build their practice. So you can imagine my happiness when a past client joins us as an agent. That’s exactly what happened when Geraldine Bien […]
Company News J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Shaun Manning Some “welcome” posts are more fun than others. This is one of those, because I have known this person for a number of years and have always like her.  Please join me in welcoming Shaun Manning to J. Philip Real Estate! Shaun is part of the “Class of ’83” group I referred to in my […]
Company News J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes David Lewis This may be a longer “welcome” post than typical. David Lewis joined the firm earlier this year and I invited him to train under Jenn Maher’s team in our Putnam office, and, not surprisingly, in his short time here he has impressed. He recorded his first closing this past week and has another scheduled for […]
Pimpage J. Philip on Real Estate Talk Radio For the past two years, I have been a co-host on a radio program now based out of WOR AM710 called Real Estate Talk. The host, Victoria Rivadeneira, invited me onto the program back in 2015 and I began to share the mic with her not long afterward. The show grew from a tiny studio […]
Company News State of J. Philip Real Estate, 2016 Edition I write this with a feeling of deep appreciation. The 2016 numbers are still being tallied, but I am beyond thrilled to say (as I did last year and in the several years preceding it) that this year has been the best in the history of the firm, and in 2016, it’s by a more […]
Company News Q Branch I am biased, but I think I have the best people on my firm’s team. That’s why the company has grown through an era in the industry when many other firms disappeared. One of the very best examples is Angela Johnson. In August, 2012 when Angela joined the brokerage I wrote this: …”it is with immense […]
Company News State of J. Philip Real Estate 2013 Edition I am happy to share that 2013 was perhaps the best year in the company’s history. Not only did we crush our 2012 numbers, but J. Philip Real Estate exceeded some lofty goals I had set a year ago.  2013 was the first year that the firm closed over 100 transactions. That was my most […]