Pimpage September 20, 2017

J. Philip on Real Estate Talk Radio

For the past two years, I have been a co-host on a radio program now based out of WOR AM710 called Real Estate Talk. The host, Victoria Rivadeneira, invited me onto the program back in 2015 and I began to share the mic with her not long afterward. The show grew from a tiny studio in southern Dutchess County to the I Heart Radio Music Theater, which also hosts the largest stations in New York City, such as the aforementioned WOR, Z100, Q104.3, and others. Just walking into the place is still surreal; Mark Simone broadcasts within 20 feet through the window to my right, and I walk through security past posters of the Mt Rushmore of pop music who frequent the location. 

The show covers all topics of housing and real estate: mortgages, technology, Zillow, staging, and our most popular episode to date, agent safety. We have a guest on just about every broadcast, typically experts in the industry with high profiles. My job, aside from avoiding uttering any profanities, is to be me. This comes easily. 

Today’s guest is Paul Oster of Better Qualified, who is an expert on credit and credit repair. Paul’s firm has helped my clients qualify for a mortgage in the past, and his knowledge on the subject is impressive. Google him; he’s been on all the news shows. Today’s edition will be on the Equifax hacking, and chances are if you’re reading this, you were one of the 143 million people affected. I’ll reserve my detailed opinion on the fiasco for the show at 12:30 today (a half hour later than usual, because the Mets have a day game), but suffice to say that as a repository of sensitive consumer information, Equifax had one job, and they blew it. 

Real Estate Talk runs Sunday mornings but is recorded and streamed live at noon on Wednesdays at https://www.facebook.com/RealEstateTalkRadio/. Podcasts can be heard 24/7 via the website RETalkRadio.com.  

Victoria Rivadeneira, the founder and host, is an industry veteran with a spectacular resume of building companies in different markets and making her mark as a thought leader. It is a blast and an honor to associate with her on the project. 

WOR carries the Mets, and was the station my mother listened to when I was a child. I still remember The Fitzgeralds, Bob and Ray, Arlene Francis, Bernard Meltzer, and John Gambling’s morning show “Rambling with Gambling,” which was a New York institution for decades. My mom would get a kick out of seeing me with on their airwaves now. She’d probably say something along the lines of “with that mouth of yours…”