Company NewsPimpage January 2, 2018

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Shaun Manning

Some “welcome” posts are more fun than others. This is one of those, because I have known this person for a number of years and have always like her. 

Please join me in welcoming Shaun Manning to J. Philip Real Estate! Shaun is part of the “Class of ’83” group I referred to in my State of the Firm post recently when I was marveling at the high caliber of newcomers that joined the company in 2017. I met Shaun in BNI in 2014 and was always impressed with her professionalism and cool demeanor in the face of adversity. An upstate girl who hails from Cobleskill, NY, she knows plenty about being cool. 

When Shaun first spoke to me about getting her real estate license, I immediately kicked into recruiting mode, which may explain why she started out at another brokerage. After a year in the business and getting her industry sea legs under her, we revisited her association here, I tried to not act so excited, and her first months with the firm have been punctuated by strong activity and even a $1.4 million dollar listing. These things are no accident. 

More about her background: From Cobleskill, Shaun attended SUNY Oneonta where she earned a dual Bachelor degree. She then moved to New York City and worked on her Masters at NYU before spending the bulk of her career in the financial sector, working as an analyst for 20 years. Wall Street will teach some things, and, among them, Shaun learned that she’d rather work closer to home. So, by her own count, with one husband, two sons, a dog and three cats, she did indeed pursue various marketing positions near her home in Somers before getting her license.  

Since joining us, Shaun has busily been filling the pipeline with accepted offers, a gorgeous upscale listing, and had a number of buyer clients hire her who should be closing earlier in 2018. Ever the go-getter, Shaun has also taken advantage of the license reciprocity between the two states and gotten her Connecticut real estate license as well, so Fairfield County peeps one town over, she can help you also! 

To reach Shaun, just call 347.612.9825 or email