Company NewsPimpage September 23, 2017

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes David Lewis

This may be a longer “welcome” post than typical. David Lewis joined the firm earlier this year and I invited him to train under Jenn Maher’s team in our Putnam office, and, not surprisingly, in his short time here he has impressed. He recorded his first closing this past week and has another scheduled for next week. That not the big brag. I’ll get to that. 

To give you a sense of his background and the mentality he brings to the organization, I’m first going to quote his self-authored bio:


I spent over 35 years in advertising and design, marketing everything from real estate to photographic equipment and aircraft fasteners. But now I’m dedicated to pursuing a lifelong passion for real estate. 

As a newly-licensed agent with my marketing background I could choose almost any brokerage to work for, and I interviewed with a lot of them, but I chose to work for J. Philip because of their innovative technology and their team-oriented focus in servicing buyers and sellers. In an independent agency like J. Philip, both I and my clients have direct access to top management and all of their expertise. New technology is adopted quickly, problems resolved easily, and transactions move smoothly without having to consult a distant head office.

My job is not just about the sale but about long-term relationships, building trust, providing the best service, and being on top of all the details from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Success is a client that is 100% satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend me to family and friends.

For the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime, you need the team at J. Philip. I’ve done the research and this is where I’ve chosen to work.


Nice. You have to love the prior background, the fearless manner in which he renders his experience, and how he frames his talent with the tools and resources at his disposal. 

Here’s what I really love about the guy. 
David did indeed do his research and found the firm online. We scheduled an interview at my office and at the last minute, my caregiver for my 12-year-old son Gregory couldn’t make it. This meant that I would have to either reschedule our meeting or David would be subjected to an introductory interview with the owner of the firm…and an energetic boy with autism who doesn’t exactly lose much sleep over respecting personal space. It was like having a conversation next to a busy train station.

I chose the latter, figuring that if he could handle the Gregory Express storming through periodically then he’d fit in just fine. 

Dude didn’t flinch. 

His licensure wasn’t completed at that time, so I didn’t hear from him right away afterward. I wasn’t sure if we scared him away or not until he called to let me know he was all set and ready to start. His training went well, and he began doing business right away. I recall one interaction on his first transaction where it took all of a minute to get a sense of his strong advocacy for the client. I love that. 

David is the goods. You can reach him at 914-734-5099 or email at