Divorce and Matrimonial Sales- My Specialty.

If you are in the process of a divorce and considering your options about selling your marital property, you have come to the right place.

Our team specializes in selling homes for divorcing clients, and we are well versed and experienced in the specific needs of people in your position. We can help in many ways and no situation is too difficult for us to tackle. Whether you are in an amicable situation with a comfortable equity position or in extremely adverse circumstances like an uncooperative ex, negative equity, foreclosure proceedings, or any other difficulty, we can help.

We’ll preface this with the truth that no firm likes divorces. Intentionally seeking out divorcing clients is not our idea of fun. However, having been on both sides of the matter, it is our experience that divorcing home sellers are currently under served by our industry. We choose to step up.

Fairness and neutrality are crucial in the sale of matrimonial real estate. Using his or her agent often simply doesn’t work. A neutral 3rd party who understands that both sides are the client is of paramount importance. Being available and communicative is another must have, and what we term agility is another added value. By agility, we mean that we are not chained to a 9-5 business model where all calls after 5 are returned the next business day. We are in real estate. We don’t pretend that bankers hours work with our clientele. The same goes for showings, getting documents signed and delivered, managing showings and dealing with buyer agents, and all the other vagaries that are wanted and needed in our industry.

Confidentiality is another fundamental requirement of a strong brokerage in a divorce sale. We will always advise our clients to remain silent about the reason for selling. Buyers understand what an empty den and closet mean. The markings of a divorce are supremely costly and add to the loss and headaches of the transaction. Adding stress to an already difficult situation is an anathema to us. We want to protect our clients from these pitfalls.

Perhaps most importantly, our track record of excellence is something we are very proud of. We will happily provide you with references and documentation of transactions in as transparent a manner as possible.

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