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Market Second Quarter Single Family Home Sales in Westchester 2011-2017 These are, respectively, the number of closed single family homes for the second quarter (April 1-June 30)  in Westchester County along with the median price for the years 2011 through 2017. All data is courtesy of the Hudson Gateway MLS.  Year       Closings   Median Price 2011         994   […]
Commentary A Tale of Two Tweets: AOL Real Estate Schools Forbes I follow both Forbes and AOL Real Estate on Twitter. I have always viewed Forbes as the standard of excellence in financial journalism, but in my view, this morning they got schooled by AOL in responsible reporting. Both linked to recent stories on the real estate market on Twitter this morning, and both could not […]
Market Statistics January 2013 Westchester Real Estate Market Shows Health Forget the fact that I’m busy. Forget the fact that we are seeing multiple offers far more frequently. Never mind that we have more buyers looking, more sales pending, and more offers being made. Ignore the 5 new construction listings the company now carries, which is an all-time high. Those are all anecdotal examples of […]
Market Statistics 2012 Westchester Real Estate Market Wrap Up: Strong Finish. More homes sold because prices same down. That would be one clear message in looking at the December sales figures for single family homes on the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service in Westchester County. Transaction totals were their highest in six years with no special stimulus and buyer appear to be returning to the market in stronger […]
Market Stronger November Confirms Westchester’s 2012 Market “PREcovery” You cannot call a market with so many homes underwater, flat to mildly declining prices and a swollen shadow inventory of distress a recovery. However, with prices no longer falling, transaction totals surging, and inventory declining, we are no longer in the downward spiral that punctuated the crash from 2007-2011. The strong November numbers from […]
Market Statistics Strong October for Westchester Real Estate Market Continues Improved 2012 The Hudson Gateway MLS statistics for single family home closings for the month of October indicate that the market is markedly better this year than last year, and is the most robust it has been since 2007. Both median price and the volume of closed transactions are up considerably and the number of pending sales […]
Market August 2012 Westchester Real Estate Market is Strongest in 5 Years August of 2012 will be remembered for the completion of the first two thirds of a year which has been the first upward year in sales totals since the boom.  According to the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service statistics for single family home closings in August, we saw the highest sales volume since 2007. Here are the breakdowns for […]
Market Statistics First Half of 2012 Westchester Real Estate Market Ends With a Strong June I’ll summarize the first half of the 2012 Westchester real estate market for you in one sentence: More people are buying single family houses and they are paying lower prices. According to the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service, we had the most June closed transactions for a non-tax stimulus market since 2007, but the median price was […]
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Market Note to Self: Check the Calendar, Stupid A buyer I have been working with has told me that the choices in his price range have dried up considerably compared to years past when he was not ready to act. Another agent with whom I am working with on a deal in northern Westchester County has observed that inventory is down. These are […]
Market Are Prices Down and Sales up All Over Westchester? In light of yesterday’s revelation of Ossining’s strange May, where median price dropped almost $60,000 but closings more than tripled compared to the prior May, I did a quick survey of other towns to see if the trend was anywhere else in the county. My thought about Ossining was that sales increased because prices dropped. […]
Market Ossining Real Estate Sales Up; Prices Down in May The New Normal continues to evolve in Westchester real estate, as prices and transaction totals go batty in different directions. Ossining’s May results are fine example. According to the Hudson Gateway MLS data for May 2012, Ossining had a spike in closed transactions, but a steep decline in price compared to the same time period […]
Market Statistics April 2012 Westchester Real Estate Market: Better News If I were not seeing it with my own eyes I would not believe it. But after witnessing bidding wars on 2 of my own listings, one in Ossining and another in West Harrison, I have to say that the Spring real estate market in Westchester is stronger than I expected. It might be the […]
Buying Cold Spring & Philipstown Market Report 1st Quarter 2012 The first quarter of 2012 for the Cold Spring and Philipstown area indicated a very slow quarter compared to the same period last year, according to the sales data from the Empire Access MLS. In the first quarter of 2012, there were 3 sales in Philipstown and Cold Spring at a median sale price of […]