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Industry News What Home Sellers Really Need to Know About the Commission Lawsuits When I went to pick my son up from baseball practice earlier this week, a friend came up an smiled at me. “Sorry about your pay cut!” I knew what she was referring to, and as I peruse the news reports on the recent NAR commission settlement, I share many other Americans’ frustration at the […]
Commentary On the Latest New York Standard Operating Procedure Law First, some background: In late 2019, Long Island Newsday published the shocking results of an investigation where reporters of different ethnicities and races went undercover as prospective homebuyers and the different ways they were treated by the real estate agents they engaged. Long Island Divided made national news and reverberated across the industry as professionals […]
Commentary Just Because the Market is “Hot” Doesn’t Mean Real Estate Agents Have it Easy I don’t think I’ve seen the following thought written anywhere lately, but I’ll say it: The average real estate agent has never worked harder than they have in this market.  That seems contrary to the public perception that rising prices and a “hot” market is when agents have it easy, but extreme conditions aren’t conducive […]
Commentary On Spencer Rascoff Stepping Down as Zillow CEO Yesterday, the housing world was rocked when Zillow announced that their CEO of 10 years, Spencer Rascoff, would be stepping aside and that co-founder and original CEO Rich Barton would be taking over again. I, of course, have thoughts; so does the rest of the housing world, and you can divide them between those who […]
Industry News News12 Interview on the NY Mansion Tax I was interviewed on News 12 this past Sunday on the “mansion tax,” a 1989 law that adds a 1% tax on properties sold for $1 million or more. In 1989, one million dollars probably did but an actual mansion, but in 2018, in a county with a median home value pushing $700,000, it doesn’t. […]
Commentary More on the Equifax Hacking If you missed the radio show today here’s a link to the live broadcast: Guest Paul Oster was brilliant and informative, and I have some takeaways. But first, you should know that while we were broadcasting live, Equifax was hacked AGAIN. My observations: Equifax was warned that there was a vulnerability. They didn’t take the […]
Commentary The SWOT of the 2016 Real Estate Industry I was incredibly honored this past week to be asked by my colleague Joe Rand to be a late addition to a panel he was moderating at the Inman Connect Conference on the “SWOT” of the real estate industry. My fellow panelists were Pam O’Connor, CEO of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and […]
Community News State of J. Philip Real Estate 2015 Edition A year ago at this time I was happy to share how 2014 had been, by far, the best year in the history of the firm. We had opened 3 new branch offices, expanded our team to almost 70 agents, and set records for sales production. It would be a tough act to follow.  2015 […]
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Community News State of J Philip Real Estate 2014 Edition If you’ve noticed the conspicuous absence of updates here let me assure you that the reasons are all good. I am fine, the company is fine, and we have been busy. I have lots of good news to report. First, after our best year in 2013, I wrote a year ago that I could foresee […]
Industry News On Being Hudson Gateway MLS President After 4 years as Vice President of the Multiple Listing Service, this past Thursday I was sworn in as 2014 MLS President. I have to admit that it was a proud moment, but I also feel very strongly that there is quite a bit of work to do. Our association has merged with 3 other […]
Industry News ZtreetEasy: Zillow Buys StreetEasy The casual consumer may not find this subject terribly interesting. Market watchers and industry people will be talking about it all day. Earlier this month, President Obama was interviewed by Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff on the state of housing in the United States. The National Association of Realtors, feeling snubbed perhaps (although they shouldn’t. The […]
Commentary A Tale of Two Tweets: AOL Real Estate Schools Forbes I follow both Forbes and AOL Real Estate on Twitter. I have always viewed Forbes as the standard of excellence in financial journalism, but in my view, this morning they got schooled by AOL in responsible reporting. Both linked to recent stories on the real estate market on Twitter this morning, and both could not […]
Company News On Being an Inman 2013 Innovator Award Finalist One of the biggest coincidences of my life occurred yesterday when, a few hours after sending a Facebook message to the late, great Joe Ferrara‘s sister, I saw a friend write that I was an Inman Innovator Award finalist. Joe was, among many things, a writer at Inman News and a huge influence and inspiration […]
For Agents Zillow and Real Estate Xenophobia Recently, in a real estate Tech Support Forum on Facebook, someone posted their opinion of Zillow’s latest TV commercial. Zillow is a powder keg for controversy in the real estate community as it is, but since the commercial didn’t make a prominent reference to a real estate agent (there was a broker sign in the […]
Industry News Embracing the Changing Westchester Real Estate Market This past Monday I was honored to moderate a panel of local industry leaders at the Women’s Council of Realtors breakfast entitled “Embracing the Change.” The panelists were Jason Wilson, manager at Julia B Fee Sotheby’s, Chris Meyer, president of Houlihan Lawrence,  Leah Caro, broker at Bronxville Ley Real Estate, Gary Leogrande, past HGMLS president […]
Industry News On the Ending of Corporate Titles for Agents and Brokers Late last month, the New York Department of State issued an interesting opinion that effectively ended the practice of brokerages giving corporate titles such as “Executive Vice President” and “Managing Director” to their licensees. It was a practice mainly done in Manhattan (and we did name a VP once in full disclosure), and became so prevalent that it almost […]
Industry News Marketing Wars in the Twitterverse Inman News, the nominal online trade publication for the real estate industry, ran a contest last week for innovative marketing ideas on Twitter under the hashtag #MadRESkillz. It sounded like a bit of fun, and at the encouragement of Inman reporter Teke Wiggin, I offered a few of my own suggestions; I wrote about using […]
Industry News Hear it Direct, Forwarding the Real Estate Industry This past Wednesday I had the privilege of being one of the industry panelists at a unique real estate conference at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey called Hear it Direct. The format had group discussions with six home buyers, six home sellers, and six Generation Y buyers & sellers to discuss their experience and insights in the […]
Company News Jenn Maher Joins J. Philip Real Estate It is with great joy that we announce the addition of Jennifer Maher to the J. Philip Real Estate family. Jenn is among the most respected and admired names in the Westchester and Putnam real estate community. She is a current Vice president of the Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS,  Chairperson of the Putnam Chamber […]
Industry News On Preparing for NYSAR Fall Meetings The New York State Association of Realtors will hold their annual fall conference from Sunday, September 30 to Wednesday, October 3. I am a state director on the MLS and technology committees, so I will be in attendance. Association meetings cover a broad range of matters, and consumers should know that their interests are first […]