Commentary • June 8, 2013

On Do It Yourself Real Estate. FSBO, No Buyer Agent- Smart?

I have started to “vlog” or video blog, and this is something I recorded to day about an article in the Journal News on people trying to save money in real estate transactions by not using a broker. My comment on the article was as follows:

You can save quite a bit of money by performing your own vasectomy too. If you goof what is often the largest transaction of your life as the sale of real estate is for most people, there are no do-overs, and the cost of the mistake can be catastrophic.

99% of of the real estate problems I have seen in my practice come in the aftermath of the consumer either using no agent or a poorly qualified one. I have always been surprised at how consumers will research almost anything BUT getting the right agent: Schools, commute, local amenities, crime, demographics, WALK score, you name it, and then use their ne’er do well uncle or the first slob they meet at an open house to represent them in the transaction.

Choose your agent wisely, and you’ll end up ahead.