Selling October 11, 2009

What Does a “For Sale By Owner” Want?

Many of my colleagues believe that a for sale by owner (FSBO) wants to eat their young, draw and quarter real estate agents, and own a broom with a glove compartment. My experience is that few do. FSBOs are not a different species.

Consider this: Home Depot sold tens of thousands of drills in recent years to people who didn’t want drills.

They wanted holes. 

FBSO’s may not want an agent, but nobody with their home listed on the MLS wants an agent either. You read that right: No home seller wants an agent. They have no use for them.

They want a buyer.

That’s the bottom line. Nobody wants an agent. They want a buyer. Agents are a means to an end. Real estate licensees are as good as our ability to attract a ready, willing and able buyer, period.