Home Improvement Real Estate Tips May 17, 2024

Why Homeowners Should Keep Their Agent on Speed Dial

I get an apologetic phone call from clients now and then, and I think its kind of sweet. They don’t want to transact but have a question they know I can answer, and feel like they are imposing. Post sale service is a legitimate thing to me, and I always tell them that their call is a welcome one. Every agent wants to stay top of mind with their past client if they have half a brain, and these “impositions” are anything but.

So if you own a home and you have a question that you think your real estate agent can answer, please don’t ever be shy about asking just because you aren’t calling them to buy or sell right now. It’s more than fine, a good agent will want to help in any way they can.

A few good reasons to call your agent, even if you are years if not decades away from listing your home for sale are as follows:

  1. Getting your home value updated. I’ve said this before, but knowing your home’s estimated value is good for more than putting it on the market. You might want to grieve your property taxes. Knowing your equity position for a line of credit is always a great idea, especially if you are considering home improvements.
  2. Home Improvements Return on Investment. The idea of renovating, expanding, or otherwise improving your property will likely raise your value. Your agent can give you a sense of how much that value potentially is, and weigh it against the time you plan on staying and the expense of the work.
  3. The Golden Rolodex. Over the years I have had savvy clients pick my brain about referrals for non- transaction related services, and with good reason. I know the contractors. I know the lawyers. I know all the good places to eat, shop, and who’s who in the community. I have referred  clients to all kinds of  contractors, estate planning attorneys, auto mechanics, wedding venues, and all sorts of community services from Little League to Meals on Wheels. A good agent always has a guy for that.
  4. Finding other agents outside the market. Smart clients of mine have often asked me if I know a good agent out of state for a friend or relative considering moving. Without exaggerating, I have probably played matchmaker to grateful strangers in at least 30 of the 50 states over the years. I’m in a number of networks outside my own sphere to fill in the gaps but I’m proud of the connections I have facilitated.

There are plenty of other reasons, but I think you get the point. A friend once told me that real estate agents are the welcome wagon of most communities, and I totally agree. You real estate agent is a valuable resource, and you should never hesitate to reach out to them if you think they might be able to shed some light on anything for you.