CommentaryFor Agents February 6, 2024

For Agents: Open House Parking Etiquette

This past weekend some agents on my team held an open house for a listing in Mahopac. It was busy, with 25 separate parties and possibly 50 or 60 people walking through the home. The one wrinkle was that street parking was sparce. It had a driveway that could fit up to 10 cars, but only one car wide. This is workable with reasonable cooperative people.

One agent, unfortunately, only parked less than halfway in with their clients behind, and just one car fit behind them. I asked them to move up, and they demurred, promising to just be a “moment.” The “moment” was 20 minutes. I asked a second time, and was told they didn’t want to be blocked in. Well, yeah, waiting a few minutes for others to have their turn is better than blocking them out and not even giving them a chance to enter.

Some people parked down the street a bit where some temporary street parking was plausible. But one couple left, and that sucks.

We are all in this together. Selfish or tone deaf behavior when you are quite frankly a guest at someone’s home isn’t a good look, and it isn’t very collegial either. A minor inconvenience is part of the equation when the alternative is to alienate others.  There are multiple offers on the house. It will sell. The seller will be happy. But I can’t get that couple out of my head who were so friendly who waited nearly 20 minutes, then decided to leave. I spoke with them. They should have bene able to enter. That’s not fair to them, and the results notwithstanding, my seller client would want them to have a chance also.