Uncategorized April 21, 2018

Torching Last Year

After crunching the numbers a bit, I have some good news to report. The firm is 30% ahead of last year at this time for transactions closed, and 15% over last year for dollar volume closed. On April 20, 2017, we had 58 transactions closed for a dollar volume of just under $20 million. For the same period this year, we have almost 80 transactions closed for almost $22 million.

When you consider that this occurred in the wake of sacking the top producer in the company last summer, that is a fine thing- we didn’t miss a beat.

It’s also worth  noting that in 2017, the firm’s listings sold on 17 days faster on average than the market norm. That’s almost 3 weeks faster than the market average, and that is some solid performance. Clearly, the hard work of the professionals on the team and their astute leveraging of the available tools is working.

I am proud of this progress!