CommentaryFor Agents September 15, 2012

STOP Posting Your Listings on Social Media for the Love of God

I just discovered Sulia, a this cool, channel based social media platform that allows people to follow subjects instead of people. It is a phenomenal idea. Clicking on the real estate channel, I found the same social media fail by my esteemed colleagues that plagues every other platform: spam. They think people will want to see their advert for a home they have listed. Forget that the offending party doesn’t disclose the name of their company or that they are a real estate broker, which is compliance 101. It speaks to the tone deaf obtuse nature of real estate firms who consider “exposure” in any form, to be good marketing. It isn’t.

When a real estate agent lists a property, they become just the second person on the planet to care in an invested way about that property: it is now them and their client. In their quest to find that third person, the buyer, some licensees make the mistake of pushing their listing in inappropriate forums when they should be pulling. You do not push in a pull world.

I’ll repeat: Our job is not to push. It is to pull. Do we have an obligation to give our listings vast exposure? You bet we do. Does that mean we pass out flyers at cocktail parties, send out spam email or post spam? No, because all that does is annoy people. No one ever said “I am going to log onto Facebook and search for a house.” People go to Facebook to catch up, socialize, look at kittens and huff at political rants. They don’t care about a 4 bedroom colonial 5 states away. You don’t solicit there. You don’t advertise there.

The way you sell real estate is to make sure it is everywhere people who are looking for real estate would find it. If a platform is where people go to search real estate, then that is where you put your marketing. You never post on social networks unless it is a company page. Doing so is spam, it is annoying, and it undermines the very presence you are trying to build in the social media word. Oh, and it is against the Terms of Service on every platform I know of, and that can get your account suspended.

There is business, and there is social. They don’t mix. Posting your listings on social media is spam. Just say no.