Company News February 1, 2018

Strong Start to January for the Firm

J. Philip Real estate is now closing more than a transaction every business day. The dust is still settling in tabulating January 2018’s final numbers. However, even with perhaps a few straggler status updates for closings we’ve had our best first month ever, with 27 sales for the 31 days of January. Given that the first quarter of any year is a result of what is often the slower 4th quarter with the holiday season cycle, this is extremely gratifying. I applaud the agents in the firm for their commitment and hard work.

With dozens more transactions under contract and reports of accepted offers daily, 2018 is off to a strong start.

This coming February 9th the company will hold it’s annual award dinner, and like years past we’ll recognize the agents in the firm that produced $1 Million or more in production. Just 3 short years ago, we had 7 agents who sold more than one million dollars worth of property. This past year, that number has grown to 26.

Inasmuch as we have aspired to attract and train productive agents, it is even more important that the consumer experience is just as positive. There are two intuitive metrics for client satisfaction: repeat business and referrals, and online ratings. Happily, the number of referral driven business that has built the brand over the has increased as our closings accumulated. Also, online ratings, which I used to kvetch about, are stellar.

When Zillow first introduced consumer ratings for agents, I was afraid that they would be deficient in credibility; competition gaming the system, irate consumers and competitors posting bogus flame reviews were concerns. Zillow, to their credit, has done a good job in vetting ratings and, while still not perfect, it’s hard to deny the success of the initiative.

On my own team’s profile, we have over 100 positive reviews and over overall rating is 5/5.

So, I am happy that our sales volume has grown. But I am ecstatic that our ratings are stellar and that we continue to have past clients entrust us with their loved ones.