Company NewsFor Agents December 29, 2017

Gloria Hernandez Elevated-Again- to Briarcliff Market Center Manager

I am delighted to (belatedly) announce that as of December 1, 2017, Gloria Hernandez has added the J. Philip Real Estate Briarcliff office to her existing managerial responsibilities. Gloria is already managing our Pelham Center, and it was a no-brainer to have her take the helm in Briarcliff. This raises the number of agents that she oversees to almost 50, and in a company this size that is a hefty burden to bear. We couldn’t have a better person for the job.

I’ve gushed over Gloria before, but to recap, she’s holds a Masters from Purdue, is an experienced broker who has acted as both a principal and manager elsewhere, and her humor, insight, and intellect are attributes that I greatly admire. She’s a phenomenal leader for newer agents especially, and she commands the respect of experienced ones too. Virtually every conversation I have with her is productive; I love that. I can always count on her to offer solid judgement and an intelligent, insightful prospective that forwards the brand, and makes me be better as a broker.

So yes. I like her. And I like this move for the firm.

A few more things: this past summer Gloria ran a successful fundraiser to fight childhood cancer at our Pelham location. She runs terrific field trips for agents that help with training while also promoting company listings. She dives headfirst into problem solving. She is mindful of agent safety. And she is never shy about communicating to me what she thinks I need to know. Conscious initiative like that is priceless.  

I would encourage any agent who is seeking a new professional home to add Gloria to their short list of contacts as they explore the best match for their career needs.  She can be reached at or call her directly at 914.4410980. 2018 is looking brighter than ever!