Community News September 20, 2012

Honoring George Groves

I wrote last year on the sad passing of fellow broker George Groves, who was a well respected figure for decades in Westchester real estate. Yesterday, George was honored with the dedication of park benches in his memory at the Eastchester Public Library. Several dozen people attended, including a number of public officials and industry colleagues, both in brokerage and from the Hudson Gateway Association. I was humbled to be among those who said a few words.

George’s legacy will that of an absolutely honorable man. Every one of the people there was there because he was a man of integrity. I had a conversation with one of his long time agents, and we agreed that it is easier to do the right thing, especially in light of some of the garbage we witness sometimes, knowing that there are guys like George out there to emulate.

People sometimes assume that licensees at competing companies have disdain for each other, or that we are adversaries outside the lines of a transaction. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are colleagues, we have respect for each other in most cases, and people like George were emblematic of that ethic. Almost a year later, it still feels like a loss, and I say that as a guy who really was not particularly close to George on any personal level. No matter the connection, and in my case it was a favor he did me years ago, you just knew that you were dealing with a good man.

The takeaway is to pick up the mantle and be the best person you can be.

Concluding the ceremony, George’s grandchildren released a number of balloons into the sky. I was honored just to be there.