Company News August 12, 2012

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Angela Johnson!

Sometime back in 2006 I was in Otisville, New York working with a buyer client who wanted information on some new construction she couldn’t afford and she insisted that I call the listing agent. I was in a foul mood, an hour away from home, and I think it was about dusk on a Sunday. I was tired, alone, hungry, and cranky. And I did not want to call the listing agent on a new build my buyer could not afford. But I called anyway, and ended up having a wonderful conversation with an broker who didn’t particularly want to answer the phone late on a Sunday herself. She was also from Westchester, and thanks in large part to social media, I remained in touch with my reluctant compadre through the years. I respected her more each time I got to know her a little better at industry events.

Fast forward to 2012, and it is with immense pride that I introduce Angela Johnson as J. Philip Real Estate’s first Vice President. She will be in charge of development, recruiting, and helping our growing team of 30+ licensees to become better in all facets of the business. They could not be in better hands, and I could not have gotten a better first officer.

I have great respect for Angela. She’s an attorney, a very experienced associate broker with a solid record of performance, a great writer,  and knows how to grow a real estate organization in the 21st century. If you saw her resumé you’d see a body of work that has taken apartment complexes, businesses, law firms and real estate brokerages to the next level, sometimes saving them six figures. I am humbled that a professional of her caliber would join our brokerage.

Oh-and she loves German Shepherds. That’s another plus.

I have given Madam Vice President vast authority and discretion to implement what she feels will make us the best real estate brokerage in Westchester. I want nothing less. I have told her to regard the firm as her lab of sorts, because I am confident that her ideas and talents will benefit us greatly. As she adeptly put it recently, she’ll be using her superpowers for good. I love it.

I look forward to the coming days.