Company News March 27, 2012

Rising Star: Stephanie Solano

There are some things you can’t teach.

One of our newer agents, Stephanie Solano, who is still in her first year with the firm, has closed another home. It is her 4th transaction in the past 6 months and was not without obstacles. This comes on the tail of two successful January closings, and a virtuoso debut in a November closing. Stephanie showed her true colors in the first transaction, choosing to disclose information she heard on the grapevine to her buyer clients and risk losing the sale, which she felt was better than losing her good name if she kept mum. Her clients were impressed with her forthright advocacy, and elected to go forward, appreciative that their agent was committed to watching their back and being completely  transparent. The details are secondary; she put honor above the wallet. We love that around here.

Her latest transaction was another challenge. There was a “lightly seasoned” agent on the other side, and in many ways she did the work of two agents on the deal. She had a knack for asking me for help at the right times (not often) and managing things well on her own the rest of the time with excellent judgement.

Judgement and honor are two things I can’t teach. You either have them or you don’t. So what we have in Stephanie is the real estate version of a 5-tool baseball player: she can do it all. She produces results, and she conducts herself as a good professional should, with high standards. That is what everyone in the public should seek when they get representation.

We are very proud of everything Stephanie has accomplished and how she has gone about her work. She’s the kind of agent you want.

You can connect with her at or call her cell at (914) 645-2433.