Company News March 19, 2012

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Mary Kingsley!

8 years ago when I was in the mortgage industry, I helped a nice lady refinance her home. She had two beautiful children, worked as a nurse and teacher, and she was an awesome client. I still remember the bank attorney closing the deal at her kitchen table- that was a first. Another thing I recall was that her toddler son loved to play in one of those jumpy swing apparati where the kid can jump like a kangaroo without getting hurt- we bought one, and subsequently wore it out, with our own.

Mary and I remained friendly and in touch. A year and a half back, she got her real estate license and announce on Facebook that she had joined another firm. I remember my jaw dropping. I would have hired Mary in a hot minute had I known she was looking to get into the industry. I was bummed!

So I watched as she seemed to take to the industry, which was no surprise whatsoever. Smart, caring, independent thinking people do well in real estate.

That is why I am REALLY excited and proud to welcome Mary Kingsley to J. Philip Real Estate as our newest associate. I now understand that Mary was an agent in Orange County in a past life, and that experience, along with her natural gifts, make this so exciting an addition for Ann and me. Mary is just an awesome person. Her adoptive son, now 11, has significant special needs as a toddler when I first met him. The updates on his progress I get now are nothing short of miraculous. Only extraordinary people do that. His older sister is an honors student. Not surprising.

There is a special feeling I have with all new associates when I order their cards and set up their back office and email. With Mary, the feeling was electric because I have known her for 8 years and I know what a quality person she is. I know for a fact her clients will be in the best hands they could ask for. If you want a professional who will watch your back like family, who is intellectually agile and committed, you’ll find your match with Mary Kingsley. She serves much of southern Westchester County and the Bronx. Call Mary at (917) 292-5378 or email her at Then you’ll know why I am so honored to call her an associate.