Active Rain January 15, 2012

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

No one has asked me to, but I have taken down the post on the Hoax. I think I had a right to be critical of the way they handled this in Seattle, and I do think that we are owed an apology, but I also feel that the passions stirred are not going in a constructive direction. The point has been made. I would ask that all 20+ people who reblogged the post put it into draft. 

We all have our own timetable and criteria on what the right thing to do should look like, and I held the staff to a standard of my own out of a frustration that I was both in the dark and an impression that nothing more would be done. I’ll trust that the right thing will be done and live with the decisions made by AR. 

Little in this world looks exactly as we see it. For example, some have asked me if Melina Tomson’s dissenting comment bothered me, and you should know that Melina and I are friends and like each other quite a bit. Well, I like her. My friends can tell me anything. 

Going forward, what we should do is re commit to being good to each other. We should welcome new members and exchange ideas. We’ve made our point here, and let’s allow the wheel to turn and trust Niki Bob and Kerrie. I would never disable comments but I will delete any meanies. 

To be clear, we have a right to be pissed and we have a right to a straight story. But now we should give the staff the room to do their job unencumbered by any agenda other than the mission of the platform. Back to work. 

As a matter of fact, whoever writes, in the next hour, the most hyper local weltanschauung empowering posts with the nicest pictures wins 50,000 points and an iPad. Ok, 5000 points and a calculator. Hold that thought.