Active Rain January 9, 2012

The Little Things that Inspire

I have a conference all day in Manhattan tomorrow, so my Sunday was even busier than usual. At 9am I was at a kitchen table, discussing the next move for a new client. I seldom need “extra” motivation to get the job done for folks- I have 4 kids and a company to run. But sometimes, inspiration does find me. This little sweet thing was going to be put in another room, but I asked that she stay with us. I have had two yellow labs in my life, and adored them both. She looks- and acts- just like my Bella, whom we lost in 2008. 

So yes, I am going to help her daddy sell the house and find a new home that is pet friendly. It isn’t just the paycheck; I am about a roof over your head, home and hearth, and yes, a friendly space for the furry family member. 

Yellow Labrador