Active Rain October 18, 2011

Why I Will Not Be Deleting my Facebook Business Pages

(Consumers will find the following post either very boring or an interesting look inside baseball. My point of view is less of a selling broker and more of a manager of 20+ licensees.) 

Facebook business page for J. Philip Real EstateChris Smith, AKA Tech Savvy Agent, has authored a gutsy article on Inman entitled You Need to Delete Your Facebook Business Pages Immediately. The subject is controversial for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Chris himself has been one of the biggest proponents of business pages you’ll find. The post has already garnered almost 100 responses, and on the face (sorry) of it, seems blasphemous. 

Blasphemous perhaps, until one considers the state of the average business page. The average fan page is a dormant embarrassment that acts as a spam magnet, with no significant updates from the actual owner in a dog’s age. Frankly, I wondered aloud why Chris specified business pages only and didn’t also include dormant blogs and static websites with the same “under construction” message since the Bush administration. I have to smile when I stumble upon a blog that was last updated in March of 2008 after 6 posts. Is the person still in business? Do you think a consumer wonders the same thing? They do. They tell me. 

Want to make something happen in real estate? Do something…regularly. 

The only thing that succeeds purposely from inaction is the fermentation of wine. The rest of human endeavors require you to vacate the resting upon the bum and getting into action. And if you can’t type a few words, then please, yes, delete the page, because it does more harm than good. And when I say “page” I mean blog, business page or whatever else you have floating out there collecting dust (and spam). This is not to save bandwidth, it is to save your credibility. 

Our main business page is updated virtually daily via the Networked Blogs application that sends my blog content over. Another niche page has already yielded a deal with another pending, and gets over 1000 impressions per update entry. Both invite new registrants to our IDX home searches, and those inquires are distributed to our associates, who have an edict to follow up but never pester. And spam is zapped by the Administrative Goddess. I do not point to myself as an authority. I will not write a book. But neither will I redact my content. It is dynamic and works, because I work it. If you aren’t working it, take Chris’s advice.  You won’t get heat from the stove because you installed it. You get heat from the stove because you put wood in. Chop chop. 

Nothing works unless you work it consistently. If you want to make money by waiting, start a winery. Otherwise, work your stuff. 

Suggestion (and unsolicited pimpage): for a totally kickass business page, contact mi hermano Stephen Fells at Agency Logic, and they’ll build you your own little corner of awesomeness for a really reasonable rate.