Active Rain September 29, 2011

A Very Hyperlocal Post: 10 years

Milky Way
                 New York                                                     
                               Briacliff Manor
                                                The Faranda House

Ann and cousin Susan 19 mumble mumble

Seoul, Korea, to Rego Park, Queens, to Ossining, NY to Briarcliff

Me and Paul

Ossining to 7 other places in 4 other states to Ossining again to Briarcliff

We had a flower dog

September 29, 2001

First girl since 1800s

Christmas Morn, the kids and a tired elf

The Begotten 

10 years

10 years, 4 kids, one moderately sovent business, a dog, and a million bajillion gajillion dollars in debt later, we still smile.