Active Rain September 18, 2011

Occupational Hazard

How can a kid that cute make that much…

Given my work schedule, sometimes we kill two birds with one stone: we pile all 4 kids into the car with a sign and a lockbox, and drive out to a new listing so Dad can put up the sign and install the lockbox. Then we go to Carvel or McDonald’s to thank the kids for behaving. It is work time, but it is also family time. 

Two things made today different:

  • Catherine gets car sick sometimes.
  • I had to drive on a long windy road. 
Get the picture? 
While carting the entire Crew  to a listing across the Hudson, we took the approach to the Bear Mountain Bridge known locally as the Goat Trail. About halfway along the goat trail, Catherine became, um, ill.  
There was no place to pull over until it was, shall we say, ex post facto. The one stop along the way where people stop to take pictures was waiting for us, and my dear little flower asked if she could get ice cream from the truck parked there. 
Aaah, no. But I like your toughness. 
We went straight home. Thank goodness the weather allowed open windows on the way back. 
As my friend’s dad Big Ralph used to say, these are the good times
The heirs apparent