Active Rain September 6, 2011

An End of Summer Thought

As I enter my 45th autumn, I sometimes ponder what life has taught me through this journey. I bite my tongue more than I did 20 years ago when tempted to make a wisecrack. I ask myself what my father would do more often. And, with fatherhood, I thank God for the safe return of my children from school and camp every day. 

I recall hating to be behind a school bus in the morning. It slowed me down, got in my way, and caused me to be late. It was a nuisance. But now that I put my 4 children on school bus, I am far more patient. And if I am late, it is my fault for not planning better. But years ago, while I’d never pass a bus or do anything stupid around one, I did impatiently pump the gas once the bus turned away. And thankfully, I never hurt myself or another in my immaturity. 

So now that I am a dad, I have a request for everyone out there with the start of school arriving in our area this week. School is open. Please please please drive carefully. Those are my babies on those buses, and I want them home safe tomorrow and every day afterward. If you have kids, you know what I mean. If you don’t, please trust me on this one. Children get on and off buses, cross the street, and assume they’ll live forever. They trust that cars see them. They are wrong. But don’t let them pay for that mistake with their life- be alert enough for both yourself and them. Please be careful. Please be patient. 

Again, please drive safely, very safely, because nobody I know has a child to spare. We need them all. 

Catherine starts 2nd grade Wednesday