Active Rain August 10, 2011

You know you are in the Real Estate business when…

Inspired by the Facebook group. 

You know you are in the real estate business when

  • You dial a phone number on the calculator app. 
  • Your daughter brings home straight A’s and you worry that the report card won’t comp out.
  • You walk up to your own front door and look for a lockbox. 
  • You put your ATM code into the microwave.
  • You answer the phone at 10pm and are surprised the person calling is surprised. 
  • A friend brags about a rebate they got on a car trade in/purchase and you wonder how they put it on the HUD-1.
  • Someone asks how your kid is doing in school and you initially cringe at discussing a school district in any way shape or form.
  • Your insert your Sentrilock card into the supermarket self checkout. 
  • You cram an entire day off into 4 consecutive non working hours. 
  • You briefly consider faxing a landscaping estimate to an attorney for approval.
  • You can’t find your Bluetooth- because it’s in your ear.
  • You leave the house for a gallon of milk without your cell phone and you feel naked.
  • You bring a lawn sign car shopping to make sure the trunk will allow it to fit. 
  • You ponder the square footage of the Church during a boring sermon. 
  • When you pick up your son at a play date you notice if the house has a buried oil tank or an old roof. 
  • After running into an old friend you check out what their home is assessed for when you get home. 
  • There is at least one neighborhood or town in your market area that completely pisses you off because you’ve lost more than one deal there. 
  • There is a banker or lawyer somewhere over whose head you’d love to pour spoiled gravy. 
  • Your heart races when you see a For Sale By Owner. 
  • You are authentically astonished and grateful when a client picks up the lunch check. 
  • Nothing good ever happens when they say “we were thinking about it last night, and________”
  • You’ve screamed into a pillow because someone you knew bought or sold a house without telling you. 
  • You’ve hung up the phone after a solicitation utters the words “all you need is one sale to pay for it.”
  • Catch-22: will calling be too pushy? Will not calling be poor follow up? 
  • You get home and wish someone else would make the decision for a change.
  • You cringe when you recognize certain phone numbers or email addresses. 
  • There is a certain house in town you’ll never ever forget, ever, because_________
  • When everyone else screams at the TV during a game, you scream at the TV during the news. 
  • You ponder an idea that will transform your business as you drift off to sleep, and can’t remember what the hell it was when you wake up. 
  • You want to ask someone why they use a photo that is almost unrecognizable with how they look today. But you don’t. 
  • You hate meetings.
  • You’ve been asked to move a mountain in the next hour by someone who hasn’t returned your calls in 2 weeks, and they are completely serious. 
  • You wish you handled that appointment differently. 
  • You live in the question. 
  • Upon getting voicemail, you chide yourself for believing they might actually answer the phone.
  • You’ve wrung your hands over your URL.
  • You know what a hoarder’s home smells like. 
  • You wish that negative guy would spend just one day watching you work, because that would teach them. 
  • Knowing what you know, you wonder aloud how that other person can do what they do. 
  • Nothing surprises you anymore. Until you get surprised again. 
  • You exhale when their parents tell them they should buy the house. 
  • You have thought or said “This isn’t 1983. It isn’t even 2007.”
  • You have been a grief counselor after showing them the comps. 
  • If that person can do it, dammit, you can do it. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point! 

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