Active Rain July 28, 2011

Is Daily Blogging Bad?

The Gang of FourWhile I cannot be in attendance at Inman Connect San Francisco, I am following the Twitter stream on the event. I wish I could go, but I have to make hay while the sun shines. One tweet that caught my attention referenced a speaker by the name of Laura Roeder advising attendees to NOT blog daily, but to get out there and do business. Now, in fairness to Laura, there is no context to the sentiment, so I don’t have the full picture. I’ll offer my opinion with that caveat. 

In an of itself, I think that blogging is a smart thing to do daily so long as it is part of a plan that includes a full dose of other work. I do post 30-40 times a month on various sites, primarily right here, and were I to cut back, it would not help me do more business, it would set me back. Now I’ll be the first to say that if you are a new agent and all you do for business is blog, you have a problem. The same goes for agents who blog or hang out on Facebook to avoid other less comfortable work. That isn’t smart. But all things being equal, I believe that blogging daily, if you have the inclination, is better than not blogging daily. So long as you are taking care of everything you should and have a workable plan, I am all for it.  

I have never heard of Ms Roeder, but she has close to 15,000 followers in Twitter  and she has the feathers in her cap to be a speaker for Inman, so she must be quite credible. Her website says that she is a social media expert, and while her profile kind of makes me feel old, I respect her views. Her “about” page states that she has been quoted in the LA Times, CNet and been a contributor to a number of industry blogs.

Well, I outsell all but a few out of 7500 agents in my market, been in the NY Times, ABC World News, AP, AOL, and several other outlets, and I am on the board of a very forward thinking and large MLS. My blogging has played a large role in that stuff, and I say posting daily is good so long as it doesn’t undermine other work. As I said to a colleague on Twitter, that’s what the other 23 hours a day are for. So if you want to do it daily, just put out quality content, unless you live in New York. 🙂

I am going to follow Laura going forward because her blog and other writing strike me as quite on point, and disagreeing with her on this matter may be a non sequitor, as I was 2000 miles away when she made her presentation. I hope to catch her next time. In the meantime, I’ll go back to selling real estate and blog about things other than blogging.