Active Rain July 23, 2011

Agents Say the Darndest Things

Red BarnI could start a whole separate blog for the things I consciously decide not to write about, because it’s just too easy to express bemusement or incredulity at the stuff a small number of agents do with a straight face. For example, a few minutes ago an agent just asked me “what kind of person” my client was when I called about their listing. I responded that she has mastered walking on her hind legs. But that’s not the purpose of this article. 

Earlier today, after all week of no response, I finally got a return call from the buyer agent whose client was ostensibly about to sign the contract on my listing. The last we heard they were supposed to meet with their attorney Monday, and then nothing. 

“I’m on vacation,” my -ahem-colleague said, “but I’m calling you back as a courtesy.” 

Well gee. What a mensch. Calling me back from the beach or hotel. How nice of. Are vacations some new real estate agent union benefit we got from management? I never got the memo. I always thought that when you went on vacation, you, um, TOLD people, and you had a co worker COVER for you so your files didn’t crap out. 

But that’s just me. 

Anyway, my compadre had no update other than that the people “were supposed to sign sometime this week.”

WOW. It must be nice to just leave town, disappear for the week, and expect deals to close themselves. 

How would the buyer clients feel if we got a competing offer and I couldn’t reach the agent about it? 

What if my seller interpreted the disappearing act as disinterest and elected to engage someone else? 

Real estate is not a wage-earning job where the dishrag is waiting in the same place you left it when the shift ended. It requires care and maintenance of the shifting sands of a transaction, and if you can’t have your hands on the rudder, you absolutely have to make sure someone can cover for you. The cavalier attitude of this agent about basically deserting the file for the week makes me wonder what else was missed on the buyer’s behalf. 

Choose your agent wisely, folks. Real estate mistakes are expensive.