Active Rain July 18, 2011

Walking Tour of 562 E Mountain Road North, Cold Spring, NY

I don’t often blog about listings because I focus more on commentary here, but I think the walking tours we now do for our listings are very appealing. I do them Bob Vila style, with a candid, conversational walk through as if we were chatting together touring the house. I don’t use a script, so where language limps I add an annotation for clarity or to flat out correct myself. 

We just listed this home, and I think you’ll find that the tour will pique your curiosity to see the place, not just for what the walkthrough shows, but also for what it does not show, such as the pond on the other side of the grounds. 

Price taxes, and other specifics are on the walk through, and if you dig the place or have questions, give me a call or send an email. 

This is a beautiful home in Philipstown with a small pond, lovely grounds and considerate owners, and I believe that it is priced right as well. Enjoy my nasal voice.