Active Rain July 16, 2011

The Road, Traveled

The first words of M. Scott Peck’s seminal book The Road Less Traveled are “Life is hard.” It was actually required reading in a senior elective at Villanova back in 1988. I thought of it yesterday as I was driving and I snapped the shot below, a sight all of us in the industry are familiar with: the road. It was hard not to take the photo- what lay ahead seemed to go on forever, framed by a pretty blue sky that seemed indifferent to my thoughts and concerns. 

Real estate, like life, is not easy. It is my career, my vocation, and it is what feeds and clothes my family. And right now, the industry is in a downturn with no short road out-it is what it is. However, like driving, I like it. And the times that it is “easy” or at least not difficult, are those times when I don’t resist the hard parts. 

I think that all of us in housing know this. It’s difficult when it is difficult, and it’s easy when it is easy. We just keep driving forward, eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, engaged, paying attention, and hopefully appreciating what we behold on the way. 


The road