Active Rain July 10, 2011

Photo Essay: Briarcliff Manor’s Houses of Worship

Last year I did a blog post on the churches in Ossining. Today I’ll share some of the very beautiful houses of worship in Briarcliff Manor.

This is St Mary’s Episcopal Church of Scarborough on Albany Post Road (Route 9) right next to Sleepy Hollow Country Club. I love Gothic stone buildings like this.  

St. Mary's Church of Scarborough

This is All Saints Episcopal, also in Scarborough at the Intersection of Scarborough Road and Old Briarcliff Road. This is moments from my home and is another gorgeous stone structure. 

All Saint Episcopal

This is Scarborough Presbyterian. If you’re seeing a “Scarborough” theme here, it is with good reason: Scarborough is one of the older parts of Briarcliff Manor along the Albany Post Road corridor, and this would be the logical place to build a church in the area’s earlier days. A quick story about the bell tower- back in college in the 1980’s, my friend worked a summer for an electrician, and he had to go up there for a job. Whatever had to be fixed up at the top first had to be excavated out from decades of ancient bird droppings. He decided that his father’s advice to stay in college and get a degree was good advice. 

Scarborough Presbyterian

Faith Lutheran is far more modern. As different as it is, it has always stood out pleasantly. 

Faith Lutheran

Briarcliff Congregational Church is another striking old stone structure that is over a century old walking distance from downtown. A bigger building than a photo can do justice, I’ll post two. 

Briarcliff Congregational Church

Briarcliff Congregational Church

Congregation Sons of Israel is walking distance from where I grew up, and I remember frommy youth how the building has grown over the decades. It is another place with a larger footprint that is very pretty framed against a blue sky. 

Congregation Sons of Israel

Saint Theresa’s Roman Catholic is another stately, traditional stone building, but instead of slate the roof is tin! The front steps were just made for a wedding portrait, and I have driven past quite a few. 

Saint Theresa's Roman Catholic Church

I have left out Holy Innocents Episcopal, and I’ll try and add that in the near future. I love these buildings, and they are one of the prettier pieces of scenery for me as I drive around no matter what the season might be.