Active Rain July 5, 2011

12 Thoughts as I Start Summer ’11

Back to the zinc mine after stealing some rest over the July 4th weekend. A few thoughts thus far as I rely on “mental muscle memory” to get going:

  1. To my colleague agents who email me their listings: cut it out. I read the hotsheets and I have amazing technology to match buyers and sellers. You do it to pacify your sellers, but why don’t you educate your clients instead. It is carnival barking, and it antogonizes.
  2. Note to Self: Slim-Fast shakes should replace breakfast, not be an apéritif

  3. Summer camp has started. Alleluia, Alleluia, let a thousand legions of Cherubim and Seraphim sing praises to the Almighty.

  4. On that note, my daughter officially has the shoe thing going on. The rhinestone sparkly pair she insisted on wearing to camp confirms it must be an evolutionary thing.  

  5. People who add me on Facebook but have all of their information under lock and key will not be confirmed. The huns will not kidnap your daughter and pillage your home if you tell me where you work and what you do, since you probably have that on 10 other sites not called “Facebook.”

  6. Google+ probably won’t supplant Facebook in the next year, but I don’t see how LinkedIn can survive. Getting all your friends from high school to migrate will be no easy feat, but tech savvy people in the Industry are already there or will be as soon as it is out of beta. 

  7. To the guy who emailed me yesterday and said “I’ve emailed you three times.” C’mon. It was July 4th.
  8. Hydrofracking sucks. Energy companies by definition cannot be trusted to clean up after themselves, and when a process introduces compounds to the ground water designed to dissolve rock we are asking for trouble.

  9. Some people get a tattoo when they are drunk. Others buy puppies

  10. No, I don’t have any updates on any files since the last time you asked me late Friday.
  11. “I can’t reach you” is feeble and lame. If you call me Friday evening after 6pm and it went     straight to voicemail, burn another half a calorie and send a text, email or smoke signal before you vent on Saturday.
  12. I hope you have as good a summer as I did in ’85 between high school and college.