Active Rain June 22, 2011

My Client Makes CBS Evening News

I got a call from a producer at CBS this afternoon asking if I had a client willing to go on the national news broadcast this evening and speak about the proposed QRM rules for home loans. I did. Evidently, the producer found my Active Rain profile in a Google search. Not bad.  

The piece ran on the CBS Evening News (the national broadcast) with Scott Pelley, and I embedded it below. The cool thing about it is that Michael was the company’s first closing back in December of 2005! I sold him and Robb their first home and we recently closed on their second- both homes were shown on the report! They were also featured in a NY Post story on real estate right after they closed on their new house. 

Michael is a good man- he is active in the community and started the Peekskill Dog Park not long after moving up from Manhattan. While I disagree with the editorial slant of the report (I believe QRM is a bad idea and overkill), I think Michael did a great job in the brief time he was on the air.

I can’t promise to make all of my clients TV personalities, but I do aspire to treat them all like stars. I love my agents, and I love past clients!