Active Rain June 21, 2011

The Silly Things I See When Showing Houses

This is a “driveway.” I call it a “lawn.”

The new, fancy grass driveway

The “garage.” I call it a “shed under a deck” or “a garage for a lawnmower.”

The new, fancy garages they have these days

This is a “3-year-old furnace.” I call it a “furnace the agent never saw and took the owners word that the new reconditioned gizmo= new furnace.”

They updated the asbestos too?

This is a Christmas creche that was in someone’s dining room in mid June. Must be the new thing. 

The fancy new June Creche

No comment is needed.

Name brands all

And this is clearly the best maintained commode with an open floor plan I have ever seen. It truly sparkles. And privacy is overrated.  

Please knock before entering basement


And every one of these pictures is from the past 7 days.