Active Rain June 20, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Mug the Buyer Agent

I just got off the phone with the listing agent of a home I showed a buyer client this past weekend.

Wow. I feel like I got mugged. 

After the initial salutations and memory jogging of who the agent was and the address of the property in question, she went into this rapid fire, question-answer-rebuttal exchange with me where I was rendered speechless, a rarity for me. Apparently, no objection as to why the house does not feel like home for my buyer stopped her from batting back answers like a 1975 encyclopedia salesman. 

My client needs a yard for her dog, and the house was on a hill with a huge deck out back and almost no lawn. “He’ll take the deck down. He’ll plant a lawn.”

The kitchen needs updating for my buyer’s taste. “He’s a contractor, he’ll put in a new kitchen at his cost.” 


Overall, it is just too much work for her… “He’s willing to update whatever she wants. Is this her price range?”

Of course it’s her price range, she – “Because I have one for <lots more$$>”

Well, that’s a little beyond what she wanted to- “She can make an offer, everything is negotiable.” 

Well come on. How desperate is this person to make a sale? Aside from making me bizzarely uncomfortable, she also throws the more expensive seller she represents under a bus! 

Feedback should not be a debate or a de-briefing. I have said before that the whole concept is overrated. Occasionally the showing agent will have a helpful insight, but not too often. The best feedback is an offer. If there is no offer coming, no snappy rhetorical comeback from an agent will make a house feel like a home.