Active Rain May 14, 2011

Thanks for Nothing, Con Ed

At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical 40-something whining about the utility company, I have to ask who is at the wheel of these work crews Con Ed has working in my neighborhood. 

Obviously, some digging in the road is required this week, and that means the usual trucks, diversions, and jackhammers. No problem there. I can even deal with the typical sight of 3 guys standing doing absolutely nothing, hands on hips, watching one guy in the hole do whatever the guy in the hole does. What I disliked this go ’round was no flag man. This is a two-way street with one half closed for 30-40 yards. Help us out guys. Pretending the traffic doesn’t exist could get you killed or injured, you know? It’s more for you than me, and the inevitable lawsuit you’d win won’t really compensate for that crushed pelvis and lifelong ostomy bag. Trust me. 

But even that is not unexpected. What we now have to put up with for the duration of the weekend is the crappy condition of the road until they come back Monday to (hopefully) finish the job this week. NO cones. NO temporary signs. Just the sound of gravel beneath my car buzzing like a UHF TV station on my 1977 rabbit eared Zenith TV when I was a kid. It makes me glad that the physics of those big metal plates they lay down over the holes can’t be screwed up by the sloppy, careless jerks who think my neighborhood is OK to leave in a shambles. 

I recall about 4 years ago getting a push broom and sweeping the entrance to Orchard Road when a crew left copious gravel to lay and damage vehicles after another job. This instance is too big- it goes on for 4 or 6 houses.  

Consolidated Edison, or Con Ed as we’ve always known them, may not be the worst utility in the country but nobody cites them for corporate excellence either. It is galling that my bills go to those disingenuous public relations commercials they play ad nauseum on the radio while their real PR people, their workers in the field, do more damage. 

I don’t have photos of the hands on hips guys, but here is some of their handiwork. 

Con Ed work

NO cones in this direction, thanks Con Ed. That oncoming car is getting it’s undercarriage pelted by gravel that wasn’t swept aside or cordoned off. 

Con Ed

I love how the backhoe gets cones. Like we can’t see the tractor. Look at all the crap on the ground because unsuspecting cars drove all over it. 

Con Ed work zone

THis was the only spot to have cones, way down the hill from the main part of the job. You might note that the folks that live in this house and most other have manicured yards and take great care of the neighborhood. 

That is until, Con Ed comes along and treats the place like a gravel pit. 

Thanks for nothing Con Ed.