Active Rain May 10, 2011

That is One BIG Dog

There is nothing in the water in New Rochelle; this is just an English Mastiff, all of 250 pounds, that I met this past weekend while showing its master’s home. I have never seen a dog this big. Never. He was just huge. This pooch was quite a gentle giant, however, and happily let me pet him. Everything about him was big- his head, his PAWS (HUGE!!!) and his gentle demeanor filled the space too.

As we left the house , my client (also a dog lover) and I reflected on the sheer hugeness of that dog. He’s three of my dog Max, a big German Shepherd in his own right, and four of her chocolate Lab.

When we discussed the house and the slight slope in the octagenarian floor upstairs, I speculated that maybe what they really needed was to have the dog spend more time on the other side of the house.

I know he may have distracted us, but when you see a dog this special, you never forget it.

English Mastiff