Active Rain May 1, 2011

Spring 2011 in Briarcliff Manor

I thought it might never come after the winter we endured, but Spring has arrived in Westchester County. As always, it is beautiful, with forsythia and cherry blossoms making their debut ahead of many other pieces of God’s artistry. 

Cherry Blossoms in my back yard

This is Gregory (who has stolen Mom’s iPad) and his faithful Max in the shade of the cherry blossoms in our back yard. We have three huge trees that have been there since Mrs Hilpert planted them in the 60’s. I think of her, and how much she’d adore seeing my kids underneath them, every spring. 

Spring in Briarcliff Manor

Chilmark neighborhood flowers

Our neighborhood is known as Chilmark, and was built in the early 1960’s. It is very mature now and gorgeous in the spring. Many of my neighbors treat spring flowers the way others do lights at Christmas. I love it. 

Welcome to Briarcliff Manor!

Downtown Briarcliff Manor

al fresco on Pleasantville Road

That’s me shooting the picture in the reflection!

Spring in Briarcliff

I love this place and feel blessed to raise my family here. 



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