Active Rain April 17, 2011

Credit Shmeddit, it is a Team Effort

Sometimes I am the easy buttonIs a sale any less valuable if a broker or manager steps in and helps?

One thing I appreciate when I assist members of my firm in their transactions is that my guys truly care for their clients. It certainly shows in their actions, and I have the front row seat as broker to see how they approach things when they return to the metaphorical corner between rounds. I am asked for advice. I have scenarios run past me. They pick my brain. 

This past week, no fewer than three of my agents (well, one is an associate broker) have engaged me very in-depth as to how to best serve their clients. One needed to present an offer to a difficult listing agent on a short sale. Another is in the midst of getting her client through the board approval process for a co op purchase, which isn’t easy. You get the picture. 

In many cases, I have to do more than dole out advice. I have to call a lawyer. I conduct a conference call with a client. I de-claw a rigid agent on the other side of a transaction. I intervene to get the deal done on behalf of the client. Often, my team members feel a little bad that they needed me to step in.  They shouldn’t feel bad. On the contrary, it is good advocacy. The measure of our success isn’t how much or how little who did what. It is the welfare of our clients. 

Yesterday, I had an attorney tell me that if my agent felt an offer on a short sale was good enough to get approved, that was good enough for him. That made me feel good. Today, a client said that they were so impressed with how Vivian took care of them that if she thought they should follow my advice, then they would. Wow! That made me feel great. I wasn’t the big shot broker stepping in; Vivian was the expert endorsing my contribution! 

I love LOVE LOVE how well my team takes care of their clients. I am honored to be their broker, and if they ever need help of any kind, it is really my pleasure. And when we win, it is their victory whether I step in or not.