Active Rain April 17, 2011

Ashley Oakland Investigation

Like many associations across the country, our own MLS had a moment of silence at our monthly meeting yesterday in memory of fallen Realtor colleague Ashley Oakland. The news has been a bitter pill to swallow for agents all over the USA, and I can’t fathom her loved ones’ grief and suffering. 

Today’s news informed us that a search warrant has been issued in the investigation, which remains ongoing, with no arrests at this point. The details are sealed, which is just as well. I don’t care about the details as much as I want to see justice served. 

Ashley was buried this past Thursday April 14, and according the the news more than 1600 people attended the services. She was eulogized by her sister Brittany. I eulogized my late brother, and I know firsthand that it must have been extremely difficult for Brittany. 

Folks, if you don’t have a safety and security policy in your office, get one. If you have one, review it with your team. We cannot afford to lose anyone else.