Active Rain April 6, 2011

A HUGE Thank You

I arrived back home to Briarcliff Manor tonight after returning from Rain Camp Atlantic City and two days of intense instruction. My first Raincamp was excellent, but also different. There was so much information in the new-two day event that I am exhausted from being engaged and focused for so long. It is a “good” tired, believe me. But more than tired, I am thankful to the good folks at Active Rain who have taken the time from home and family to travel all the way out here to share their knowledge with us. I am humbled.

I am grateful to Kerrie Greenhalgh  for asking me to be on the success panel. I am owe a debt of gratitude to Kelly Pflugrath & Kelly Clifford  for their tireless work on making the event go smoothly.

Raincamp, Active Rain

A big thanks to Bob StewartSteven Graham, and Brad Andersohn   for their outstanding instruction, energy and leadership. Steve’s energy and mastery of the material was incredible, and Brad’s enthusiasm was contagious. Brad also gave me a great idea for a blog post that already has 800+ clicks. 

Brad Andersohn

I am so grateful to Katerina Gasset for hitting a home run in her keynote instruction on Day 1. It was informative to the max, and I have been immersed in this thing for over 2 years. I can only imagine what a new member got from her.  

A big thanks to co panelists Gerry Michaels and Dagny Eason for being awesome.  It was so great to meet so many fellow members for the first time and to catch up with others.

Tonight I’ll sleep, but tomorrow I start putting this stuff to work. 

Day 2 Exercise