Active Rain March 30, 2011

Associated Press Quotes Me and My Client

I am quoted in this article released by the AP today on the state of the housing market. The thrust of the piece is that we aren’t out of the woods yet with prices. Distress sales are supressing values, inventory is giving buyers more choices-and moxie- and sellers are left to absorb the crisis of confidence. 

The survey of views from around the country seems to paint a rather consistent picture that what I see is a view shored by observers in other parts of the nation. Sellers are often having to reduce their asking price to get views, field low offers, and make accomadations to make deals work. 

The last quote of the article is from one of my clients, who made good copy. You should click and read his remark. Anyone who knows me will laugh at the words they read, and will likely agree that we often list people with similar personalities to our own. When a reporter ends the piece with your quote, that is high praise. My guy nails it. (I did not represent him years ago on his purchase, by the way).