Active Rain March 5, 2011

Why I Took the CDPE Course

Mark Boyland, Bringing It in the CDPE CourseYesterday morning, as I was at the sign in table for the CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) course, the agent behind me heard my name and said “Why are you here? You could teach this class.” I turned to her and said that was very kind of her to say. But believe me, I was there to learn. I may have closed dozens of short sales, but arrogance is not a good mix with the financial well being of my clients. I have 20 agents and 45 listings in my company, and they expect me to be cutting edge. Yesterday’s accolades are meaningless. 

So, after 2 full days of of learning at the feet of the illustrious Mark Boyland, was it worth it? Or did I just get 13+ hours of continuing education in an area that didn’t expand my horizons? 

Frankly, I was blown away, and I have never said that about a continuing education class since I was first licensed in 1996. Getting the CDPE designation is not only a game changer for me, I think every active agent should take it because it will literally make an army of better agents. I know this much- I am a better broker now than I was on Wednesday. 

I have better tools to price my listings properly.
I have a better ability to safeguard transactions from failing to close. 
I am equipped to better manage the expectations of my clients, both buyer and seller (who likes to be in the dark?).
I am now an improved advocate for my clients.
I am a better negotiator- with both lenders and principals.
I am more confident that I understand how my industry is trending.

Oh- and I am even better at short sales than I was Wednesday.

I want my attorneys to take this course. I want my wife and business partner to take it. I want every agent in my firm to take it.  

My ADD self was very engaged, due in no small part to Mark’s passion for the material, but also to the relevance of the curriculum. The two days were simply loaded with knowledge, news and tools. And anyone that knows me knows I can never sit still for stuff like this. If short sales are in your market, you should take the class. It doesn’t matter if you will never list a short sale- you’ll be a buyer agent on one at some point. And this is so beyond the mere nuts and bolts of a short sale it is humbling. If I were a buyer I’d want to work with a CDPE whether I bought distressed or not. 

I did it, I am glad I did, and as I said earlier, this has been a game changer.