Active Rain March 2, 2011

YouTube Search Stories- Check Them Out

You probably remember the Google commercial that told the story of the story of courtship and love through Google searches entitled “Parisian Love.”

Thanks to Jackie Connelly-Fornuff, I got hip to the YouTube feature that lets you create your own search story. It is pretty cool, and it can take as little as 5 minutes if you are familiar with your search terms. They are very customizable- you can input your search terms, choose your music, and create your own little YouTube commercial with an huge combination of search terms and musical themes. 

Just go to and try it. They even have a wizard that will give you the Google results for the search terms so you’ll know how to tweak it. 

I made one last night and while it is no Superbowl commercial, I like how it gets the message across. Best ofall, it’s free.