Active Rain March 1, 2011

Tablet Question for my More Tech Savvy Friends

We’ve got gadgets aplenty around here- desktop computers, laptops, and Ann loves her iPad. I love it too, but there are two of us an one of it. I thought it silly to buy another when there are tablets out there for half the price and less which might be perfectly fine for my purposes, which is to accompany my ADD, workaholic, always connected self to every room when I’m home. Tablets are so much easier than a laptop- mouseless, a touch screen, light, and the battery life is enormously longer. 

So I’ve decided, after perusing Amazon and Bestbuy, that for 200-300 bucks I can get my self a tablet which will do what I need- mostly Internet and email. I have to trade off MLS access for now- Rappatoni, our MLS software, doesn’t translate well to anything outside of Windows. 

The operating system for the tablets in my price preference is Android, but ironically, it seems hit and miss with Active Rain of all places. I haven’t tried WordPress yet. 

My question is this- does anyone know of a tablet, preferably a 10″, that interfaces with Active Rain that doesn’t cost a ton? The Motorola Xoom has Android 3 OS but for that money I might as well get another iPad. Android 2 OS doesn’t seem to allow commenting. Amazon has a ton of inexpensive, highly rated tablets but if it doesn’t work on Acive Rain it sort of defeats the purpose.

Thoughts? Suggestions?