Active Rain February 27, 2011

Walking Tour of 8 Harwood Ave, White Plains

We held my listing at 8 Harwood Ave White Plains open yesterday, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to create a walking tour of the home, a marketing strategy which has been getting good feedback for me lately. I have blogged recently about the better results I have been getting at open houses; this was no different. I was greeted by a cooperating agent who presented an offer to me at the open house, which I have never had happen in 15 years in this industry. 

As it stands now, we have three offers on the property. 

The tour is one take and very informal; the point is to give you a feel for what it is like to walk through the house, not have high production values or be overproduced. That said, I think future tours will be steadier and easier to watch- the project is a work in progress. I’d redo this one, but I think it won’t be needed after this week. 

Both homes that I have produced walking tours of this past week have had offers come in.