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Grandma’s Pies: Westchester’s Best Pie

Grandma's PiesI posted a photo of a pie I got at Grandma’s earlier this week and got over a dozen comments that gave me a collective sense of cyber salivation. With good reason: Grandma’s makes the best pies around. They have been in business for decades and have quite a following. 

I first learned of Grandma’s last year when Luke’s cub scout pack went on a trip there. We saw the kitchen, bakery, “back of the house” kind of stuff, and how they made their delicious, homemade pies, then we all had dinner and…what else? Pie. 

It is a family restaurant with a menu that is thouroughlyy American fair; think of a bistro if June Cleaver were the chef. They have a private parking lot, close proximity to the Taconic Parkway (Grandma’s is closely identified with Yorktown; however, the address is actually Cortlandt Manor), and the place is clean and friendly. The first thing you see when you walk in is that glass counter with all those pies, and that is great marketing. Hungry people buy more at a restaurant, right? 

I was by recently for a “quickie” a cup of coffee, a hunk of fresh, warm apple pie, and then I left with a pumpkin pie to go. The total damage was $19.00 and it was worth every penny. 

Grandma’s is located at 3235 Crompond Road in Cortlandt Manor and they can be reached at 914-739-7770. 

Grandma's Pies of Yorktown Fresh Homemade pies at Grandma's of Yorktown