Active Rain February 19, 2011

NY Times Photo Shoot Tomorrow

I was contacted by a reporter from the New York Times this past week who is working on a story on how technology is being utlized by real estate professionals. I guess I did OK in the interview, because she called back and asked if they could take some photos of me in action with my “mobile office” creating marketing at the client’s kitchen table. This is just the inspiration I needed to break in a new tool, a mobile printer, and the brief video below outlines my plan.

The intention is to do better than a pedestrian “for sale” sign. Instead of just writing a phone number down, I want people to able to take a walking tour of the home on their mobile device right there at the curbside without getting out of their car.

As a dry run, I created a QR code for the video and embedded it below. It should take your device right to the YouTube video.  should be able to accomplish everything tomorrow in about 15 minutes. No pressure- after all, it is only the NY Times!