Active Rain February 15, 2011

Thinking of a Career in Real Estate?

We also give you a coffee mug. What a deal. While supplies lastThe company has grown over the years and in the first quarter of 2011 we’ll pass 20 salespersons and associate brokers. I am not an overt recruiter; our growth has been organic, but in looking at the good folks we’ve attracted I do see some patterns. Chiefly, we have drawn 2 types of people: new agents seeking strong leadership and mentoring, and experienced agents seeking an environment of independence and support. I am proud that my team is a group with good, honorable hearts. 

If you are considering a career in real estate, feel free to contact me. Better yet, contact one of our agents. They’ll tell you how it is here firsthand, and you can form your opinion from their experience. I admit to being biased. 

Real estate is not for everyone. It is commissioned sales. Just liking houses isn’t enough. You have to want to make something happen. But you also need the right environment. 

Here’s what we offer. 

  • Training and mentoring. I have time for any agent who wants to learn, especially if they are the kind that acts on their knowledge. 
  • Support with marketing. The best agent in the world will starve without clients, and we help develop clientele, through our joint efforts and also through spehere of influence. 
  • A helping hand. I will partner with any agent on any possible deal or client relationship to reach the goal. Just ask my agents- when the going gets tough, I help them make the transaction happen. 
  • Work directly with the broker-owner. You’ll get my cell number. OK, so everyone knows my cell number. You know what I mean. 
  • Ann Faranda. The administrative goddess, and organizational backbone who handles details that my copious cloud of hot air does not. And she knows what al dente means. 
While I am an active broker who produces at a high level, I won’t compete with you. If you and I both have the same listing or client on the scope, my efforts will be to help you get that business. And no other agent will ever get an inquiry on your listing but you. 
I’ll also make a shout out to my fellow broker-owners who might not see a light at the end of the tunnel in this economy. We are onto something here, and I might be able to help you get through these tough times via a joint venture that can rejuvinate your business without having to close shop.
Call or email me and let’s have lunch.