Active Rain February 14, 2011

Re-Thinking the Open House

Open House signI am no fan of open houses. I haven’t made a sale at one in a dog’s age (1998 if you really care), they are typically poorly attended, and I can think of better places to catch up on email and reading. Today, however, I hosted a really busy open, with 6 very friendly and engaging parties walking through. Nobody was a quick turnaround out the door, and 2 of the people mentioned they would first have to sell, which I view as a listing opportunity. 

If everything played out perfectly, I could get three new listings from today’s guests, sell another 2 homes, and maybe even sell the home I was holding open. 

So, we had quantity (six people) at today’s open house, and quality (all very friendly and engaged, 2 with homes to sell). I haven’t seen these kinds of results at an open in years and years. And the weather isn’t even very good!  

I view this as a strong indicator that the worst is behind us. I see pent up demand starting to purcolate, and if open houses can be a source for doing business again instead of a futile exercise to pacify a seller (and today’s open was actually my idea), good things are coming. 

I do what works. If open houses are going to be well attended this spring by interested people, then that is a huge change from the bored solitude-fests I have encountered the past few years since the market slowed. So, as long as I get results, I am going to continue to do them.